Monday, June 7, 2010

Sora Aoi naked asian pornstar in bridal lingerie


When it comes to asians porn stars with big tits who delivers the sensual erotic action so well, only one asian beauty comes to mind…Sora Aoi. This Japanese sex goddess is famously known for her tender full breasts and and soft curvaceous oriental body. She may looks like a Japanese love doll and has a sweet innocent glimmer in here eye but don’t be fooled, Sora Aoi is as hardcore as she can get.


She started as a model and a softcore porn actress but not getting enough of the dirty sex, she decided it was time to take it to an extreme level.  Think hardcore sex that shows Sora Aoi naked and getting gang fucked, bonded and raped by horny rabid men. Imagine such wild intense sexual appetite from an asian chick that has a face of innocence. That’s another point for asian chicks as sex kittens in the sack.



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